Y2K Apocalypse: The Lakers & Yankees Win In 2000

When it comes to fan bases in the year 2000, I really should just bite the bullet and acknowledge the New York Aristocracy—the majority in the city whose primary rooting interest lies with the Yankees, Giants and Rangers, while sharing the Knicks with the lowly Peasants who pull for the Mets, Jets and Islanders.

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After all, the Yankees won the World Series, and the Giants reached the Super Bowl. In a year where no one dominated, those elite elements of New York were the only ones with two teams in their sport’s showcase event.
We could make it even stronger, if we narrowed it down to aristocratic New Yorkers who had relocated to New Jersey, and thus pulled for the Devils in hockey. New Jersey won its second Stanley Cup in six seasons. And though I separate the two fan bases in New York, the Mets also made the Series, giving New York a monopoly on the Fall Classic for the first time since 1956.
So yes, I should do the right thing and acknowledge the New York Aristocracy. But why do the right thing when being a smart-aleck is that much easier? The buildup to the year 2000 was filled with various prophecies, warning of impending cataclysmic events.
For those of us who are fans of Boston sports, the prophets were right. Not only did the Yankees win the World Series, but it was the hated Los Angeles Lakers who took home the NBA championship. The respective titles completed a three-peat for the Jeter/Rivera Yanks, and began one for the Shaq/Kobe Lakers.
Nobody ever promised life would be easy, and in 2000 it was anything but. It was the Year of the Y2K Apocalypse.
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