Windy City Ride: The 2013 NHL Season & The Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup

Windy City Ride is the complete compilation of articles pertaining to the 2013 NHL season that were posted on, and tracks the season from its delayed beginning in January all the way to the epic Game 6 finish, when the Chicago Blackhawks hoisted their second Stanley Cup in four years.

In Windy City Ride, you’ll be able to…

  • See how the season looked at the outset, with a preseason preview that includes assessment of the betting odds on each team to win the Stanley Cup (Did you know you could have had both Chicago and Boston at 12-1 and enjoyed the Finals in profitable peace?
  • Lay the groundwork during the regular season with team features that dig deep into the specifics of each team’s game, and their strengths and weaknesses, as the shortened season unfolded.
  • Move into high gear for the postseason. Get previews of all 15 playoff series, and  post-game analysis on every game of the entire 2013 NHL playoffs.

Windy City Ride is a great way to preserve the memories of the 2013 NHL season and to see how it looked it was unfolding before our eyes.

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