The Week In Review

Time to wrap up another week here at TheSportsNotebook. As we go into the weekend, it’s been a tough one for me as a fan. If you like pro sports in Boston (save the Redskins) and college sports for Wisconsin, you had to see the Badgers lose to Michigan State and finish our Big Ten title chances. It’s not as though UW was expected to compete for the conference title this year, or even win at East Lansing on Thursday night, but still a tough loss. And the Celtics don’t stop reeling, dropping a game to the Pistons, and then the Rose-less Bulls on Thursday. The Knicks and Jeremy Lin are in the rearview mirror. In hockey, the Bruins are playing sluggishly, nearly coughing up a lead to Montreal, before rallying to win 4-3 in a shootout. And it’s always tough beind a Redskins fan–the notion of Daniel Snyder with cap room to move and Peyton Manning on the market is enough to send shivers down my spine.

Now that you’ve put up with the recap of me personally, here’s what happened at TheSportsNotebook this week. Eight features overall, four on college hoops, two on the NHL and two on the NBA were posted from Monday through Thursday and then Friday was the weekend package of preview articles that are all prominently featured in the home page. Here’s the rundown…

Breakdown Of The Syracuse Lineup
Conference USA: Southern Miss & Memphis
Missouri Valley: Wichita State & Creighton
Harvard, Long Beach State & Colonial Big Three
(And though they weren’t this week, check out past postings on the Gonzaga, St. Mary’s, BYU trio out west, plus Murray State, in keeping with the Bracket-Busters theme).

New York Rangers Hot Streak
The Race For #8 In The West: Phoenix, Calgary, Colorado

San Antonio Spurs Surge
New York Knicks & Lin-Sanity

For the weekend package, check out the rest of the Featured Commentaries in the upper left.