Changes Afoot At TheSportsNotebook

TheSportsNotebook is going to be rolling out a new look here at some point in the month of July. We’re going to give you a home page that will hone in on the new content that goes up here each weekday morning and easy access to the wide range of digital content available for download.

As a part of that, there will be changes to how our Weekend Report will be distributed. The focus of the Reports is to look at the TV menu of games ahead for each weekend and to provide some concise analysis. Our typical reader loves sports—naturally. But they also hurry about during the week, pulled in several different directions with family obligations.

The objective of the Weekend Report is to give that reader a concise and easy way of knowing what games are ahead and to have an easy paragraph or so to sum up the key points. It’s perfect casual reading for late in the afternoon Friday as you wind down a work week.

The Weekend Report will be distributed to those that express an interest to us via the sign-up forms. One of the cool things about the new site is that its features will make it easier for readers and the editor to stay in touch with each other. For now, if you want to sign up for the free weekly newsletter there are two options—refresh the page and fill in the pop-up form that appears about 30 seconds after the page re-loads. The second is just go to the Contact Us page and let us know.

The goal here each and every day is to provide sane and balanced commentary for the comman man or woman who loves their games, but feels like the business of life keeps them from knowing as much as they want to about what’s going on. We fix that. So let us hear from you, let us know what you want and keep in touch.