The Notebook Nine Podcast – August 20, 2020

The Notebook Nine, the weekly podcast of, is on top of the action in the NHL and NBA playoffs. This week’s show looks at the following…


*The city of Boston has become renowned (or infamous, depending on your point of view) for racking up championships with the Patriots and Red Sox. The Celtics and Bruins have “only” one title each during the Hub’s 21st century run, but both are legitimate threats to go the distance this fall in their respective bubbles. Take a closer look at the C’s and B’s.

*We know Tampa Bay and Colorado are serious Stanley Cup threats. But how about Vegas, the fourth team besides the Lightning, Avalanche and Bruins to have already advanced to the second round? A Golden Knights’ skeptic admits what he sees in this team.

*The Lakers and the Clippers, the two big heavyweights in the NBA’s Western Conference, have each taken an early loss in the playoffs. One of those could be trouble, the other is likely a blip on the radar. Find out which is which and the reasons for it.

*Rockets-Thunder and Jazz-Nuggets are two more compelling matchups in the West bracket. TheSportsNotebook probes each to see who has the edge.

*And we wrap up The Notebook Nine with some baseball and a look at the Cleveland Indians. The team with the best starting rotation in baseball is at risk of being ripped apart over the COVID-19 divide causing so much heated angst throughout the country. Find out what’s up in Cleveland what should happen.