The Notebook Nine Podcast – August 13, 2020

In a tumultuous week for sports, this week’s edition of The Notebook Nine starts off with a look at the new landscape of college football and speculates what the future might be hold.


Find out why spring football might make sense as a long-term solution for conferences like the MAC, but makes no sense as even a short-term solution for the Big Ten or Pac-12. It’s also time to consider if the latter two conferences have done themselves permanent damage in the bid for recruits and if a longer-term realignment of college football is in the offing.

The hockey playoffs are into their first full round with best-of-seven play. The Notebook Nine digs into marquee matchups like the grudge match between the Capitals and Islanders, as well as following the efforts of the Chicago Blackhawks veterans one last time.

The Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues, last year’s Finalists and both on their way to the 1-seed in their respective conferences in March, showed up to the bubble looking like dead teams walking. Find out what their first-round matchups look like and why Boston’s Game 1 win—not just the victory itself, but the way it came about—was so important.

The new favorite to win the Stanley Cup is the Colorado Avalanche and they’re just one part of a Denver sports scene that is on a Rocky Mountain High. Learn why the Avs are so good overall and why they’re going to roll through the first round. Then there’s the red-hot Rockies, playing some of the best baseball in the National League.

And you can include the Nuggets in the list of Denver sports success stories. Even though The Notebook Nine didn’t touch on them or NBA topics, that’s something that will be coming next week when the playoff matchups are set.

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