Sweet 16 Weekend: Where’s The Place To Be?

The regionals of the NCAA Tournament tip off again on Thursday and Friday, in four different cities. Prior to last weekend’s games, TheSportsNotebook took a look at all eight venues that hosted games and determined which would be the best one. The recommendation was Nashville on the grounds that all six games promised to be good, and serious upset possibilities existed. What happened? Ohio beat Michigan. South Florida knocked out Temple. St. Bonaventure led Florida State most of the way in a game that came down to final possession. Texas and Cincinnati played a great game down to the end. And that was just the first day. Then on Sunday, Ohio completed a dark horse run to the Sweet 16 in a good game over South Florida, and Cincy-Florida State was another nail-biter. You got everything TheSportsNotebook said you would, as long as you didn’t take my advice on who would actually win all these games (I went 1-3 on Friday, 0-2 on Saturday), you had a good time. The scenarios aren’t as varied this week, but TheSportsNotebook is back in its travel-agent capacity to look at the four travel options for this weekend….