Boston Sports History

Regular readers of TheSportsNotebook know that I am, for the most part, a Boston sports fan. I pursue this passion over at the website Boston Sports Then & Now, where I’m the primary writer on Boston sports history. I’ve been a contributor at BSTN since the spring of 2011. Below are my recent articles, as well as some of my personal favorites from my still ongoing tenure there…

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September 14: The 1995 Boston Red Sox Surprise AL East Title
September 7: Vintage Athlete Of The Month: Mike Greenwell
July 24: The Brawl, The Walkoff & The Day The 2004 Boston Red Sox Turned The Season Around
July 21: The Night It Began: Game 4 of The 2004 ALCS
July 12: The September Knockout Punch Administered By The 1986 Red Sox


June 17, 2011: Boston’s Historic Superfecta Is Complete

July 3, 2013: Vintage Athlete Of The Month: Pedro Martinez
January 27, 2013: Putting Tom Brady’s Recent Playoff History In Perspective
August 31, 2012: The True Red Sox Fan Base Reclaims The Soul Of The Franchise
August 11, 2012: Better Days For Josh Beckett: 2007 In Cleveland
March 17, 2012: Boston Irish Sports Heroes: A Proud Tradition In The Hub
February 20, 2012: The Selfless Hero: Tim Wakefield Says Goodbye
October 9, 2011: The Red Sox Collapse And Other Low Boston Sports Moments
July 25, 2011: The First Race: The Red Sox, Yankees & The 1904 Season
July 12, 2011: Pedro’s Magical All-Star Moment In 1999
May 21, 2011: Defeat With Honor: The 1982 Celtics