In Case You Missed It…The Week That Was At TheSportsNotebook

I hope your sports week was better than mine (well, unless you’re the fan of a rival team). The Celtics are melting down. The Bruins have the Senators in the rearview mirror. Wisconsin lost to Iowa again last night. If your sports residence is in Boston-Madison Corridor With Redskins Detour, life is rough. With Wisconsin at Ohio State on Sunday I don’t anticpate college hoops getting much better, although if the B’s can beat Ottawa tomorrow night, that’s what I want the most.

Now, to the point of this post, which is to link you to the eight feature articles that ran here at TheSportsNotebook from Monday thru Thursday.

Big East & ACC Bubble: Miami & South Florida
Michigan State On Top Of The Big 10
Atlantic 10 Basketball Race
Duke-Florida State Preview (with an erroneous prediction mixed in)

Why Miami Is Hot
Why Philadelphia Is Not

The Detroit Red Wings Push For The Cup
Can The New Jersey Devils’ Hot Streak Hold