Night At The Museum: What's New In The Collection Of Sports History Articles

TheSportsNotebook’s historical museum, its extensive collection of sports history articles, is constantly growing. It’s not always directly visible on the home page, so for our regular readers, we want to provide an update on what’s going on and what’s been regularly added to the museum.

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*There have recently been separate pages completed for Notre Dame football history, and Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl history.
The latter has the six seasons in which the Steelers won it all, the most of any franchise in the Super Bowl era.
Our Notre Dame football history page contains the links to articles that cover the period that began in 1975, when Dan Devine took over for Ara Parseghian. We’re currently up through 2002.
1976 serves as a general cutoff point, but as the *There is also regular additions being made on Boston Red Sox history and San Antonio Spurs history. Each organization has enjoyed a big run in the 21st century, with multiple championships over an extended period of time, with one player as the common bond—David Ortiz in Boston and Tim Duncan in San Antonio.
Our article series will give the reader a sense of how each team’s modern history developed. For Boston, that starts in 1975, when they reached the World Series. For San Antonio, the calendar jumps ahead a little bit—modern Spurs history began in 1990, with the drafting of David Robinson.
*A more ambitious project is to add complete “packages” covering each season of major league baseball since 1975. The packages include separate articles on each division champion’s regular season run and each postseason series. The year was chosen for two reasons. I begin with 1976, as the period in which the free agency era began in MLB history. Since the Big Red Machine of Cincinnati won the Series in 1975-76, I just went back one year to cover both championship runs.
*And another NFL project has also begun. I’ve begun adding content on two teams, my own beloved Washington Redskins history, along with Minnesota Vikings history. For the Redskins that begins in 1971, when George Allen arrived in D.C. For the Vikings, Bud Grant came to the Twin Cities in 1967, marking the birth of their modern era.
Eventually, each team will have its own separate history page, with a compilation of all the articles, and e-books will be made available for download. For now, as we build the collection, you can click on the links up top, that take you to the history pages for each sport as a whole, and they’ll take you to the specific archives.
Thanks for visiting Come on back and continue to check out our sports history articles, as we carry out our mission of preserving the modern age of sports.