NCAA Tournament History: Memories Of March Madness

Modern NCAA Tournament history is preserved in Memories Of March Madness. The 25,000-word book focuses on the period of 1976 to the present. It was this timeframe that college basketball entered the post-UCLA dynasty phase, and  implemented rule changes allowing more than one team per conference to make the field and gradually expanding the size of the bracket. The combination of increasing parity and an increased field are the two elements that made the NCAA Tournament into the event we know today.

Memories Of March Madness takes you on a ride through the best games and the best moments of the post-1976 NCAA Tournament history.  Perhaps more important, we dig below the surface and find those games, moments—even entire regionals—that are overlooked by a conventional telling of NCAA Tournament history.

There’s no denying the greatness and historic import of Indiana’s 1976 unbeaten team, Jim Valvano’s celebration in 1983, Villanova’s upset of Georgetown in 1985 or Christian Laettner’s shot to beat Kentucky in 1992. But did you know just how tough the Mideast Regional was in 1976, the one Indiana had to navigate? Or learned the path of the last Ivy League team to make the Final Four trod? These are just two of the lesser known moments that readers of Memories Of March Madness will visit.

Memories Of March Madness is available on your Kindle or I-Pad for just $2.99. It’s a read that combines being both concise in its presentation and thorough in its coverage of important moments in NCAA Tournament history.

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