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 Monday March 26 thru Sunday, April 1

Its Final Four week and it’s technically the opening week of major league baseball, as Oakland and Seattle play two games in Japan starting on Wednesday. TheSportsNotebook still considers next Wednesday night, April 4, to be the true Opening Day when Miami meets St. Louis, but if you’re hungry for baseball—and I’ll admit I am—then you finally get games that count.

College basketball and baseball still have center stage at TheSportsNotebook. We cover the 12 baseball teams still left to go on the spring training tour, and as part of the buildup to the Final Four, we’ll give each team its own day in the spotlight, evaluating their personnel, the path their season took and giving their accomplishment some historical context. Here’s the rundown on what will appear day-by-day. Unless noted otherwise within the schedule, content is published online by 3 PM EST daily.

*Recap the last two regional final games from Sunday (and check out the recap of Saturday’s doubleheader as well)
*Step back for a broader look at college basketball, as contributor Isaac Huss examines whether one-and-done can really help build a college team, especially in light of the fact that Duke’s Austin Rivers is now the second straight player (after Kyrie Irving) to leave even Mike Krzyzweski after just a single season.
*The Notebook honors the memory of the 2002 World Series, by previewing the Los Angeles Angels and San Francisco Giants on the ten-year anniversary of that epic seven-game battle.
*And at 3 PM EST at Prime Sports Network, I podcasted with Greg DePalma, talking Final Four, NFL free agency and a smorgasboard of everything else.

*Final Four team preview: Louisville
*To pay tribute to Louisville, our baseball tour stops in on another Cardinal team that won a championship. St. Louis and Detroit both go today.

*Final Four team report: Ohio State
*For baseball, we’ll stay in the Midwest and look at Cleveland and Milwaukee.

*Final Four team report: Kansas
*Our baseball eye focuses in on Texas & Atlanta

*Final Four team report: Kentucky
*Baseball reports on the heavyweights of the East, the New York Yankees and Philadelphia.
*Regular readers know that Friday means a weekend extravaganza overlooking everything. We’ll have a check-in on the NBA and NHL, as well as preview weekend racing in NASCAR and The Road To The Triple Crown )
*At 3 PM EST, I’m at Prime Sports Network with Greg DePalma to talk about the Final Four and Fantasy Baseball.

*Final Four game previews
*Baseball stops in on Arizona and Tampa Bay, officially completing all 30 major league teams.

*Final  Four game recaps