In Case You Missed It…The Week That Was At TheSportsNotebook

Because I know so much of Western civilization hinges onTheSportsNotebook, I make sure to compile all the features run here this week into one simple post, so they’re easily accessible even after they leave the home page. (an aside–I used to work with a horse race handicapper who regularly called his hotline “world-famous”–and meant it. We used to joke that it’s what they were talking about in the salons of Paris). Here’s what ran from February 27 thru March 1….

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: With most of the focus on the NCAA bubble or the race for conference championships and #1 NCAA seeds, TheSportsNotebook gave some love to the forgotten middle class this week with features in these four conferences…

*Big East: Notre Dame, Marquette, Georgetown, Louisville
*Big Ten: Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin
*Big 12: Baylor, Kansas State, Iowa State
*Pac 12: Washington, Cal, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon

Analyzing The Boston Celtics Slide

Looking At The Los Angeles Lakers Surge

Will The Washington Capitals Turn It Around?

The St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup Hopes

MLB: Thanks to our contributor Will Fairbanks for getting us started on the diamond
Why The Phils Are Still The Team To Beat

Everyone have a good weekend.