If I Had A Dime In Vegas…

"What is your exit strategy?
The players won't be in on the scam, so they'll all think it's their lucky night.
But you'll never get them out the door with all their winnings.
They'll dump it all back. That's Vegas, and that's your problem."
–Oceans 13

As we continue the Saturday morning feature of what I'd do if I started the football season in Las Vegas with a thousand bucks to bet, the quote above somewhat tells where I'm at right now. It's not my lucky night–my grand is still down to $808.50 as we hit mid-October. But I've had a couple good weeks in a row, having success by spraying the board with a large number of small bets (betting about $100 of the bankroll per week) rather than going for the quick hit on couple big ones. I've ground out profits of $30-plus the past two weekends, and right now I'm having to resist the temptation to get impatient with the pace and try and get everything back. That's how Vegas works and that's my problem. But I'm staying patient for now, and going $8 apiece on the following 13 plays…

North Carolina (+3) Miami
Clemson/Maryland (Over 53.5)
Wake Forest (+6) Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech (-7) Virginia
Baylor (+8) Texas A&M
MIchigan State (+2.5) Michigan
Auburn (+2) Florida
Alabama (-26.5)
Oklahoma (-35.5) Kansas
Stanford (-21) Washington State

Green Bay (-15) St. Louis
Carolina (+4) Atlanta
New England (-7) Dallas