Daily Sports: U.S. Open Carries Quiet Friday Schedule

Friday has a pretty quiet schedule for TV daily sports. Unless, that is, you’re a golf-lover, and you can spend all day watching the second day of the U.S. Open on ESPN. Or, if you’re stuck at work, just make sure you don’t know the results and then tune into the same network at 8 PM ET for a “Best of the U.S. Open” feature.

Baseball offers San Francisco-Atlanta on the MLB Network (7:30 PM ET), and we’re otherwise waiting for the opening of the College World Series. College baseball’s final eight teams arrive in Omaha for an opening day celebration today, which is mostly some hype during the afternoon. The games themselves start tomorrow. The eight teams are split into two fields of four for double-elimination play, and then the winners will meet in a best-of-three for the national championship.

TheSportsNotebook will have NBA commentary coming up today, as we look back on Game 4 of the Finals, and look ahead to Sunday night’s fifth game. Yesterday’s NHL analysis looked at the opener of the Stanley Cup Finals, and ahead to Saturday night’s Game 2. MLB coverage returns tomorrow, with a lot of catching up to do in both the American League and National League.

There is also an extensive collection of sports history articles here at TheSportsNotebook, and there was a new addition yesterday. As part of a developing series that looks at the highlights of each sports year, starting in 1976, we added 1983, a year that saw two shocking upsets highlight championship action in college sports.