Daily Sports: Red Sox-Rays Carry A Quiet Wednesday

Wednesday’s a pretty quiet night in daily sports, reminiscent of the days of summer when a single baseball game had to carry the TV load. But at least Wednesday’s showcase is a game with impact—the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays meet in a 7 PM ET start on ESPN.  The Sox are looking to secure the division, the Rays are looking to keep in that race, and to give themselves some room to breathe in the wild-card push.

TheSportsNotebook is going to begin the process of looking ahead to the five-day run of football, from Thursday thru Monday. Our NFL analysis and college football coverage will be split into two separate parts, one focusing on the marquee games that the entire nation will see, and the second part being the undercard. In the case of the NFL, the undercard consists of everything outside the major national games, and in college we highlight several that are worth checking in on.

MLB coverage was updated earlier in the week, and will be again on Friday as we anticipate the weekend series. With today being a quieter day, I’d like to invite you to comb TheSportsNotebook’s archive of sports history articles. The core mission of this site is to preserve the history of the modern age, defined as roughly 1976 to the present.

This section of the website has looks back on “the best of” in each year of sports, a project that is currently up to the early 1990s, as it continues to develop. There are under-the-radar moments brought back to life, and celebrations of which geographic area of the country had the best sports run in a given year.