Daily Sports: Cleveland Tries To Salvage A Series On Thursday

The big AL Central series between the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians has rapidly fizzled, as the Tigers have gone on the road and taken the first three games and opened up a little cushion in the division race. But the Tribe is still right in the mix of the wild-card race and looks to salvage a game in tonight’s finale.

Detroit-Cleveland is one of two games on the MLB Network at 7 PM ET—the other being the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals—that highlights Thursday’s TV daily sports.

The NFL preseason gets going in full gear tonight, as all 32 teams will play between today and Monday. ESPN will showcase the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons at 8 PM ET, and NFL Network will have “whirlwind coverage” of every game going, starting at 8 PM ET.

If you’re looking for golf and the PGA Championship, you need to go to TNT these next couple days, where coverage will run from 1 PM ET to 7 PM ET. Over the weekend, CBS will pick up coverage.

College football buffs don’t get a month-long preseason like the NFL to whet their appetites, so if you’re thirsting for college ball, you need to settle for a replayed game. ESPNU will show last year’s Sugar Bowl, where Louisville waxed Florida, at 7 PM ET.

Here at TheSportsNotebook, our own NFL analysis begins today, with the AFC East preview being posted later on. The earlier part of the week focused on college football coverage, with previews of the SEC & Big 12.

And our MLB coverage—whether the Yankee pitching was still good enough to keep them in the race, proved to outdate itself rapidly, as New York managed the unthinkable and lost three straight to the Chicago White Sox. TheSportsNotebook will be back on baseball tomorrow, with a National League focus.