Daily Sports: Tuesday Baseball A Reminder Of What Might Have Been

Tuesday’s daily sports schedule is more likely to remind baseball fans about what might have been, rather than stir anyone’s juices to find the remote control or set the DVR. The focal point of the day is MLB Network’s 7 PM ET telecast of the Atlanta Braves-Washington Nationals game from the nation’s capital.

What should have been a big game in the NL East race is an afterthought, as the Braves have gotten hot, the Nats have gone in the tank and this division is all but over.

It’s enough to leave the fan looking for something to watch in search of better days, and NBA-TV is stepping up. Watch the replay of this past June’s epic Game 6 of the NBA Finals, with San Antonio sniffing a title, Ray Allen bagging a three and the Miami Heat surviving. The replay starts at 5 PM ET.

Or if looking back isn’t your thing, go to ESPNU and look ahead. There’s going to be college football coverage all day long, and then at 9 PM ET, there’s a special preview show for the 2013 season. Although here too, a little bit of a throwback is in order—at 7 PM ET, the Wisconsin-Stanford Rose Bowl from last year gets replayed.

NFL Network has training camp coverage all day, and a concise wrap-up scheduled at 8 PM ET. Preseason games resume again on Thursday, starting a five-day stretch where all 32 teams will be in action. NFL analysis here at TheSportsNotebook will officially start later this week with looks at the AFC East & NFC West.

TheSportsNotebook has had football on its mind for several weeks now, and now that will be manifested in live commentary. College football coverage officially beings with the posting of our SEC preview, with separate posts on each division, and then a third that will bring it all together.